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For three generations our family has been blessed to raise only the finest catfish.  Where farm raised and grain fed is our standard.  We are constantly working to bring you the safest highest-quality catfish available in the United States of America. 


You can be sure your next meal prepared with Haring’s Catfish will be delicious and keep them coming back for more.  Please search through our web site to find the perfect catfish recipe and just the right products, shipped directly to you, that will make your family smile with satisfaction.  If you are looking for wholesale opportunities, please reach out to us at the numbers provided below.


Looking for more information? Let us mail you an information packet that includes preparation guidelines, recipes, and other tips. online form and we will send the information to the address provided. {Click here for more information}


Hannah Haring Sharp
318-724-6133 ext. 111

Dottie Walker
318-724-6133 ext. 119

Michelle Ellerbe

318-724-6133 ext 121


Gerald Reeves



Monday – Thursday
7 AM – 5 PM
7AM - 12PM


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