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Haring Catfish

Location: Plant A: 681 Pete Haring Road Wisner, La  71378

Plant B:  3889 Highway 562 Wisner, La  71378

Topwater Feedmill: 691 Pete Haring Road Wisner, La 71378 

Wisner Minnow Hatchery: 715 Pete Haring Road Wisner, La 71378

Phone: 318-724-6133 | Toll-Free: 800-467-Fish

Contact Us

Want to contact one of us?  Please feel free to email us!


Carl Haring (President, CEO)
Hannah Haring Sharp (Purchaser, Sales, Marketing)
Dottie Walker (Catfish Sales)   
Gail McKee (Farm Accounts)
Josie King (Financial/Office Manager)  
Betty Swillie(Accounts Receivable - Haring Catfish, Wisner Minnow Hatchery, Topwater) ​ 
Pat McMahan (Accounts Payable)

Christy Jones (Accounts Payable)
Andrea Haring (HACCP Coordinator)
Angela Bass (Fleet Safety Supervisor)

Dawn Payne (Human Resource)

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